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ICRT India Network announces 'ICRT Connect', an initiative to bring together Responsible Tourism practitioners and promoters and where we hear each other and share experiences.

In these challenging times of Covid 19, let us try to find solutions together!

Mail us at - india@icrtourism.org with your name, phone number and a brief about what you do in your area related to Responsible Tourism.

Building back air transport – towards zero-carbon emissions

Some ideas on a pathway are included in my op-ed posted on GreenAir Online (https://www.greenaironline.com/news.php?viewStory=2713). Chris Lyle

Building back air transport - towards zero-carbon emissions

Just posted on GreenAir Online my Commentary which perhaps suggests some "next steps": https://www.greenaironline.com/news.php?viewStory=2713.

Chris Lyle

Decarbonising Aviation

Aviation is an important part of the tourism & travel sectors and part of modern life. But aviation also struggles to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts. It is one of a few sectors, along with steel and cement, where reducing emissions is difficult and costly. On the other hand, all sectors need by 2050 to reach (almost) zero-emissions. The long-term of aviation’s emissions contribution to tourism depends on three critical parameters:

During the mini-conference, scientists and experts will present you with technically feasible and realistic solutions both in alternative fuels for the short to medium-term and aircraft designs of the future for the medium to long-term. Speakers are among others from Cranfield University (UK), Imperial College London (UK), Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), University of Madrid/PEGASUS (Spain), and two ministries (Netherlands and Germany). They will cover synthetic fuels, fuel-cell and battery electric aircraft, hydrogen aircraft, investments and policy-making.

The program will consist of  ten short presentations followed by time for Q&A.