Decarbonising Aviation

Aviation is an important part of the tourism & travel sectors and part of modern life. But aviation also struggles to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts. It is one of a few sectors, along with steel and cement, where reducing emissions is difficult and costly. On the other hand, all sectors need by 2050 to reach (almost) zero-emissions. The long-term of aviation’s emissions contribution to tourism depends on three critical parameters:

During the mini-conference, scientists and experts will present you with technically feasible and realistic solutions both in alternative fuels for the short to medium-term and aircraft designs of the future for the medium to long-term. Speakers are among others from Cranfield University (UK), Imperial College London (UK), Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), University of Madrid/PEGASUS (Spain), and two ministries (Netherlands and Germany). They will cover synthetic fuels, fuel-cell and battery electric aircraft, hydrogen aircraft, investments and policy-making.

The program will consist of  ten short presentations followed by time for Q&A.

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