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The problem is not flying, the problem is the fuel they burn. The problem is carbon.

As the awareness of the perils of climate change grows, there is increasing criticism of aviation. As the impacts of climate change become more prominent and more dangerous for many people, we can expect the criticism of aviation to grow louder.

For many developing countries, the challenge of climate change is a significant threat, and for some an existential threat. Aviation is essential to their tourism trade; tourism is an important part of their economy, necessary to enable them to import food, medicines and technology for their development. But, aviation is a major contributor to climate change, that threatens them.

The problem is not flying, the problem is the fuel they burn. The problem is carbon.

WTM wants to encourage the development of alternative fuels to ensure the long term prosperity of the industry and the communities which rely on tourism for their livelihoods. This i about future-proofing the industry.

Back in April 2019 I wrote on the WTM blog that the aviation industry is our sector’s Achilles’ heel. We need the aviation sector to shape up and become less reliant, much less reliant on carbon. This is essential to the future of tourism, particularly in the developing world.

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